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Blok kids concept store

A kids concept store in Hamburg needed to be redone from scratch. I had to define everything from the design strategy, concept and naming to the brand design development. So first things first I decided to give the concept store a fresh, modern and sustainable strategy (if you want to put it into a few words) 
Because cool young moms in Hamburg love to give their kids raw, analog and sustainable toys and products, and like to clothe them stylish but carefree at the same time. 

Thats where analog textures and wooden building blocks came into my mind for the main branding vision. To give the store a short, correlating name that everyone can memorize (kids and adults), I went with the name BLOK. Four simple letters that differ a lot from each other and that remind you of "building blocks" or "Holzbauklötze". That's where I got started...


Brand Design





Logo development: Final 3 logos are at the bottom line


Graphics shape development: All used shapes from the flexible visual system originate from one square. 

formen_Zeichenfläche 1.png

The flexible visual design system is based on a custom grid made out of the primary square and the resulting circle shape. Incorporating all shapes in the grid, you can always find a spot for everything to create new graphics. You have to follow specific rules, like the shapes must be touching each other at least at one point. Those rules kind of resemble the way you would play with building blocks but in a two-dimensional way.  

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