Petit Citron

Petit Citron is a fabric brand from the textile Onlineshop It brings out different collections each year, that are catered to kids and mothers, who sew clothing for them. The fabrics are mostly jersey, poplin and french terry.

The collections are always very colourful, playful, and have an overall theme, that fits the season and kids trends. The two Collections we see today are a spring and a summer collection both with an outdoor theme. The collections are called "Follow Nature"and "At the pond" and portray different kinds of outdoor scenes.

Because of the pandemic situation and that we always had to be really budget-friendly with the collections shot at fabfab, we shot both lookbooks without kids. 


Shooting Concept,
Art Direction,


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2020 - 2021

Follow Nature

Petit_Citro_Juni202002654 1.jpg

The Follow Nature Collection (Summer 2020) had typical summer patterns. A lot of Beach, Fruit, and Garden/Insect scenes. The Collection is decorated with fitting realistic accessories to complete a look or to underline the theme of the shown pattern.


To make the lookbook more colorful we decided to use colored circles instead of colored backdrops, to make the scenes stand out from previous shoots and to show different colours, that compliment the fabric. Because it was a summery shoot we also decided to go for a very sharp and bright light setup.

002 Kopie.jpg

At the pond


The At the pond collection (Spring 2021) had patterns related to the outdoors. The "pond" was divided into 3 sections: in the garden, on the pond, and at the pond. The collections are often divided into pattern themes, to provide a wide variety of motives, to increase sales. That's why it can be quite difficult to create 12 Patterns with one specific theme. So the collection theme is always kind of flexible when it comes to patterns and motives.


We were still in the pandemic, couldn't shoot with kids, and had to bring the spring vibes into an indoor setup, because of the weather situation. To bring all fabrics and patterns together we used a green backdrop, that fits the pond theme the best. To keep it more childlike and close to the illustrated patterns, we decided to use "pond" and "nature" shapes colored in the petit citron colors and made from cardboard. 

001 Kopie.jpg

Photo: Sonia Alshaibani

Concept, Styling, Art Direction: Lara Härtl

Product Management: Lisa Gandras, Laura Bangrazi